What do you miss most after the installation of Falt4 ?
Huge Documentation of Features
Step by Step explanation howto creating a Website
Someone to ask specific questions
could not install at all
everything is fine for me
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Falt4 2009

If you'd like to check out the newest release, just download easySVN or tortoiseSVN and check out

to a local directory. If you have shell access, just type:

svn co

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Falt4 2008.1

So here we are, it's March April  Mail June July August September OCTOBER!.. So where is the release?

We are constantly updating our svn tree. It's coming along very very well right now and we are currently in the process of setting up a new roadmap for the next release. Check back soon - next release is big. We promise.
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Falt4 2008.1

It's been a long time since we updated the site the last time.
Like always we are working on a new release. This time, things are getting very stable. We aim to release it in late March as we have still some little features on our roadmap. We will release a featurelist as soon as we release the new code. As always, you can check out our svn tree - but we do not recommend it, because things are changing fast lately ;)
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Knowledge Base opening

The Falt4 knowledge base is now open for public. It is in a early stage and needs to be populated over time (as questions show up). We try our best to give you as much help as possible there. You will find example templates, full featured howtos and of course all questions asked.

Go to the Falt4 Knowledge Base

If you already gained a good amount of knowledge of how to work with Falt4 ? Why not answer a question or two ?

So you're stuck ? Ask a question in the Falt4 Knowledge Base

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It's all public

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